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Homemade Soup



Bowl of Homemade Soup of the Day
served with an individual loaf of our own baked bread. Four different soups and two chilled in summer.
Cup of Homemade Soup of the Day  
Chili Con Queso (Mexican style dip with mild green chilies, onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and sour cream) served with tortilla chips  
Garden Salad  
Chef Salad (garden salad topped with ham, smoked Italian sausage & gorganzola cheese) served with our own baked bread  
Vegetarian Chef Salad (assorted greens, vegetables, fruit, gorganzola cheese, nuts & seeds) served with our own baked bread  
Greek Salad (garden salad topped with feta cheese, calamata olives & anchovies) served with our own baked bread  
Apple & Cheese Salad Plate (garden salad topped with sliced apple & gorganzola cheese) served with croissant rolls  
Salads served with choice of our own dressings: Creamy Basil with buttermilk which is lower in fat, Green Peppercorn, Maple Mustard or Blue Cheese with Gorganzola


All our sandwiches begin with our own fresh baked bread, kaiser rolls or croissants

Whole sandwich OR cup of soup and half of sandwich
Baked Ham & Cheddar Melt on Croissant
Baked Ham, *Smoked Italian Sausage & Swiss on Marble Bread
Chicken Salad on Croissant (with our own cranberry chutney)
Roast Turkey on Croissant
Baked Ham & Swiss on Rye
English Style Turkey with Mustard Sage Butter Sandwich
Apple Cheddar Melt on Croissant
Ham, *Smoked Italian Sausage Jalapeno Cheese Melt on Croissant
*Smoked Chicken Breast with Tarragon Butter on Marble Bread
*Smoked Italian Sausage & Swiss on Rye


Chicken Cordon Bleu on Kaiser Roll (breaded chicken breast, ham, dijon mustard & Swiss cheese)
Creole Style Chicken Sandwich (chicken breast, lightly breaded with Creole seasonings, served on a kaiser roll with mustard sauce on the side)
Turkey, Ham *Smoked Italian Sausage & Swiss on Kaiser Roll
Swiss Onion Burger with Bavarian Fried Potatoes (fried with onions & bacon) 1/3 lb. of beef topped with sauteed onions and swiss cheese served on a kaiser roll
*Wine-Cured Smoked Italian Sausage made by the Monks of New Skete


Coquilles Saint-Jacques a la Parisienne (sea scallops prepared in a cream sauce made with white wine, shallots and fresh mushrooms, served over rice)
Weisswurst with Bavarian Fried Potatoes (fried with bacon and onions, served with Bavarian Mustard)
Kolbasa (made by the Monks of New Skete), Sauerkraut and Bavarian Fried Potatoes (fried with bacon & onions, served with Bavarian Mustard)
Chicken Curry over Rice (served with our own chutney)
Mushroom Mornay in a Puff Pastry
Open Faced Veal & Mushroom Sandwich (veal cutlet sauteed in butter with fresh mushrooms & onions)

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